Frequently Asked Questions

About our clients

Do you specialize in a certain type of client?
We primarily work with individuals, couples, and families between their early thirties and mid-fifties. Our knowledge and expertise is focused around the needs and goals common for this particular demographic. Additionally, by working with clients in the early to mid phases of their financial journey we believe that high quality planning can provide tremendous impact and value.
Are there asset requirements in order to become a client?
No. Halcyon Financial Planning does not have investable asset requirements. If you are interested and committed to making better financial decisions we believe you should have access to a high quality advisor to help you on your journey.
I'm already retired. Can you help me?
Our main clientele are individuals and families that have not yet become financially independent. However, a subset of our relationships are individuals that are already retired and choose to work with us because they value our straightforward, disciplined approach.

About our process

What is an introductory meeting like?
Initial meetings are complimentary, last about an hour, and are designed to provide you with a better understanding of what we do and what it is like to work with us. Finding the right advisor is like buying a pair of boots; if you plan to use them, make sure they fit.
How often will we meet? How often can I contact you?
Annual meetings are a requirement for being a client. However, we prefer more frequent contact. Our ability to offer high quality advice is directly related to how connected we are with your life. In practice, quarterly check-ins help keep the relationship proactive, instead of reactive.
In regard to contact you initiate, we are always available and ready to answer questions.

About financial planning

What is a financial plan? What happens if my life changes?
A comprehensive plan is the process of defining your goals, designing a strategy to achieve them, and aligning your resources with your objectives.
The most important part of your plan is going through the process of creating it, reviewing it, and making adjustments as necessary to keep you on your chosen path. Life is unpredictable, by its very nature, but the process of planning can incorporate that variability and provide a disciplined, intelligent, and thoughtful way to adapt to it.

About investing

Do we pick stocks? Or time the market?
It would be great to know the future, but no one knows what will happen tomorrow. When it comes to investing, this simple truth has significant consequences. Studies continue to confirm that focusing on asset allocation, selecting low cost securities to capture returns from the market, instead of trying to outperform it, and maintaining a long term perspective are the real investment answers.
I have a large position in my employer's stock. Can you help me manage that risk?
Absolutely. Helping clients manage concentrated positions is a common component of our planning offering. Employee stock purchase plans (ESPP), retirement plans that include company stock (401(k)’s), or options (RSU, NQSO, ISO) can lead to a significant portion of an individual’s net worth being tied directly to their employer. We will help manage that risk and make sure that it is in alignment with your overall objectives.

Still have a question? We want to hear it.